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Elevator control power for global use


The challenge
The customer, a global elevator manufacturer, was developing a new generation of control and communication system for their elevators. System components were to be installed both on top of the elevator car and in the elevator shaft. To facilitate logistics and eliminate the risk of delivering the wrong power supply for any specific country they wanted a single unit for use anywhere in the world, and for all possible mounting alternatives.

The solution
Powerbox presented an existing converter with global safety approvals from its standard range for the customer to test. The unit was found to be an excellent fit electrically, but somewhat lacking regarding dust protection and life expectancy at the required output power. Powerbox then designed a potted version of this standard unit, where the potting compound both ensured dust protection and improved heat extraction, thereby significantly increasing life expectancy. The latter was verified by extensive accelerated life time tests.

Added value
By the use of one single AC/DC unit worldwide and for all different mounting alternatives, logistics was greatly simplified. By modifying a standard converter the time for development and approvals was greatly reduced, and an attractive cost achieved.

Cases in Industrial

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