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Privacy Policy

Powerbox is committed to protecting your integrity. This Privacy Policy explains why we collect personal information, how it will be used, what personal information we collect, for how long we store it and who we may share it with. We encourage you to read the Privacy Policy carefully, as it also specifies the rights you have regarding your personal data and how you can exercise your rights.

Why do Powerbox collect personal information?
Powerbox collect, store and use personal information if you or the company you represent, buy our products or are in the process of buying our products. We also collect, store and use personal information about you for marketing purposes.

How will the information be used?
We use the personal data to be able to get in contact with you and to deliver the products. We need the personal information to send you operational information about the orders, and for contractual and financial reasons. We use your personal data to market our products, to provide information about new products and also newsletters. The personal data that you provide us with will be used for responding to your questions or requests, and will be stored in our systems due to administrative and back-up reasons.

What is the legal basis for processing the data?
We collect, store and use your personal information when you contact us, for example if you make an enquiry on our website, send us an email or phone us. We might also collect personal information about you from other sources, such as social media like LinkedIn. If we collect personal information about you from any other source than yourself, we always specify where we got the information by email to you.
The legal basis for our processing of your personal data is that processing is necessary for the purpose of the legitimate interests of Powerbox to provide its’ products and services, to provide support to our customers, to market our products and to respond to your questions and enquiries.

What information do we collect from you?
The information we collect will in most cases include your name, email, phone number, address, job title, company, the content of your message to us and any other information you provide us with.

How long do we keep hold of your information?
Your data is stored in our accounts for as long as you interact with us. In most cases, we keep your personal information for no more than 12 months after the last contact or when your commercial contract has expired. Certain personal information, for example employment contracts, we keep for legal reasons for a longer period of time.

Do we share your information? 
We will not share your information with anyone else. Please note however, that we can provide access to your personal data in case of illegal or abusive use, or in case we receive orders from a competent legal authority.

At any time, you have the right to:
Request copies of your data, rectification of your data, erasure of your data, object to us or restrict the processing of your data and where our systems allow give electronic access to copies of your data in a digital format.

You have the right to rectify any errors in information we hold about you and to change or correct any details you have already given us. Please inform us about changes to your details so that we can keep our records up to date.

You have a right to see a copy of the information we hold about you. Before we agree to this, you must provide us with sufficient irrefutable evidence of your identity and sufficient details of the information you wish to see to enable us to locate it.

To exercise your rights, please contact us by email: DPM@prbx.com or by post to Powerbox, Att: Data Protection Managers, Fritz-Thiele Straße 12, 28279 BREMEN, Germany.

Powerbox headquarter is placed in Sweden and as such our lead data protection supervisory authority is the Datainspektionen (Box 8114, 104 20 Stockholm) in Sweden.


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Cookie policy

Cookies and tracking technologies

POWERBOX and our service providers use cookies and tracking technologies on our website to enable us to analyze the use of our website and services, to improve and personalize your experience of our website and services which may be tailored to you based on your browsing behavior and other information held about you.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is sent by a website to your computer or mobile device where it is stored by your web browser. A cookie contains limited non-personal data, usually a unique identifier and the name of the website. This enables a website to recognize you as you move around the website and/or each time you revisit. Cookies are used for a wide variety of purposes such as to keep you logged in, to remember your preferences and settings, to analyze how the website is used by you. Cookies may be served to you by the website you are visiting (a “first-party cookie”) or by another organization providing services to that website, such as an analytics company (a “third-party cookie”).

The cookies we use on our website

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You can easily choose how cookies are handled by your device via your browser settings, including to refuse or delete all cookies. Please note that if you choose to refuse cookies, our services and website may not function properly and certain services will not be provided. Each browser is different, so check the “Help” menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences.

Other tracking technologies

Web pages and emails from POWERBOX may contain a small transparent image file or line of code (known as web beacons/gifs, page tags, script) to record how you interact with them. These are used to help us to better analyze and improve our services based on your browsing behavior and interests. For example, by knowing which web pages you visit or which elements of a page you viewed, when and for how long, whether you viewed and/or clicked on a link on the website or whether you opened or clicked on marketing emails sent to you.


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