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Converter request results in system optimization

Railway, Transportation

The challenge
The task was to power signaling equipment at a large number of remote track-side installations. Input voltage was the AC mains and output was a variety of DC voltages, depending on the equipment present at each respective site. Battery back-up was required. As most installations were in cabinets with limited thermal management capacity minimized heat dissipation was critical. A large number of remote sites also called for a short MTTR (Mean Time To Repair).

The solution
Powerbox was initially invited to supply a DC/DC converter for this application. Studying the application we saw the potential of considerable cost savings in several areas by applying lean design and a modular concept. The customer agreed and the DC/DC invitation was transformed into a custom system order. Powerbox designed a modular power system with integrated power conversion, battery charging, distribution panel and a computer interface for communication. High efficiency converters and smart system architecture reduced heat dissipation.

Added value
The modular concept enabled standardizing of the power solution for a large number of installations with different configuration. The standardization reduced the total system cost at the same time as it facilitated planning. The modular design with swap repair also shortened repair times and facilitated spare part handling significantly.

Cases in Railway, Transportation

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