Powerbox announces precharger solution for railway applications at Innotrans 2018

September 10, 2018 News Pressrelease

Powerbox announces the introduction of its ENR1000-PC series precharger unit designed to deliver peak power to high capacitive loads in railway applications.

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Powerbox presents flexible and adaptable Enhanced Rail Power Solutions at Innotrans 2018

August 22, 2018 News Pressrelease

The Powerbox Group has announced that it will be showcasing its PRBX Enhanced Rail Power Solutions (PRBX-ERPS) at Innotrans 2018 in Berlin, 18 – 21 September 2018, Hall 17, Booth 103.

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Cosel announces it acquires The Powerbox Group

June 25, 2018 News Pressrelease

Cosel Co, Ltd (6905: Tokyo) announced today that it has acquired The Powerbox Group. The Powerbox Group and its subsidiaries employ 120 people, with a consolidated turnover of more than €40m throughout 15 countries. With design centers in Sweden (HQ), Germany & Netherlands as well as offices throughout Europe, USA, China and Australia, they specialize in the design & manufacturing of Standard, Semi-Standard and Full Custom power supplies throughout the Industrial, Medical, Transportation & Defense sectors.

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Powerbox announces four new series of extra-wide input DC/DC converters for railway and transportation industry

May 16, 2018 News Pressrelease

Powerbox announces the launch of four new series of extra-wide input voltage range, 8W to 20W board-mounted DC/DC converters for railway and transportation industry. With a 13:1 input voltage range of 12V to 160V, the MAD33 (8W), MAD32 (10W), MAE35 (15W) and MAF35 (20W) have been developed to provide systems designers with a single part number that is able to power a large range of transportation industry applications (e.g. railway, industrial automation and automotive, remote radio-control), reducing inventory, time to market and documentation.

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Powerbox’s battery backup unit system reduces railway modernization times

September 25, 2017 News Pressrelease

Powerbox has announced the launch of its second generation Battery Backup Unit System (BBU-S) to support the modernization of railway networks and industrial applications that require flexible power backup systems with extended monitoring and control. Responding to the needs of a large range of applications and designed for use in enclosed outdoor environments, Powerbox’s BBU-S comprises an industry standard 19-inch rack unit with sub-modules.

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Industry’s first high power density and extra wide input bricks – optimized for demanding industries and railway applications

October 12, 2016 News Pressrelease

We introduce two new board mounted DC/DC converters to power industrial and railway applications; the extra wide input PQB50U-72S and the ultra-high power density PFB600W-110S.

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Flexible platform for Low Battery Voltage Start unit presented at InnoTrans

July 11, 2016 News Pressrelease

Powerbox will showcase a new series of advanced products and technologies for rail applications at InnoTrans 2016.

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High efficiency power modules deliver more available power in slim packaging for railway demanding applications

February 4, 2016 News Pressrelease

Powerbox, one of Europe’s largest power supply companies, and for more than four decades a leading force in optimizing power solutions for demanding applications, announces the launch of two new products in its Railway DC/DC power converters ENAR150D series. The products perform at 93% high efficiency, saving energy, reducing power dissipation and allowing more power available in confined environment. The new series includes an extensive set of accessories, simplifying power integration into trains and related vehicles.

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Cosel expands TU Series of Board Level AC-DC Power Supplies

January 8, 2015 News

Cosel Co. Ltd. has announced that the TUNS Series of board level AC-DC power supplies has been expanded to include 300W and 500W models. The product line up now includes 50W, 100W, 300W and 500W AC/DC modules. All wattages are available now for shipment.

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Simplicity makes next-generation power converter for rail industry run at 93% efficiency

October 14, 2014 News Pressrelease

One of Europe’s largest power supply companies, Powerbox , introduces the next generation of innovative power converters.

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