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Compact power for oil and gas leakage monitoring


The challenge
The customer is marketing an oil and gas leakage monitoring system, involving installation in limited spaces with sometimes cramped access ways. The power system shall include battery backup (external batteries) and meet, among other standards, EN54 and NFPA standards for installation in oil and gas environment globally. They had an existing power solution meeting all the electric and regulatory requirements, but it was too bulky and too heavy. The bulk required mounting on top of the cabinet and the weight created both installation difficulties and a stability problem for the cabinet. A communications interface compatible with previous generations of the monitoring system was also on the wish list.

The solution
Powerbox designed a very compact software controlled power solution, meeting all the requirements, where some of the space and weight saving measures were:
→ Lean design with low component count made the converter smaller and lighter.
→ Higher efficiency allowed more dense packing of the converter and required less space for heat removal, both inside the system and on the outside.
A parallel option allowed for handling sites requiring higher power without involving larger units.
The software and communications interface made the power system compatible with several previous generations. It also facilitated commissioning by a self-instructing user interface for setting battery type etc.

Added value: By the significantly reduced size and weight site access and installation were greatly facilitated. The communications compatibility with previous generations made expansion of existing installations much more attractive. The user interface for parameter settings both facilitated commissioning and ensured correct settings were chosen irrespective of battery type and size. Taken together this greatly enlarged the available market for the leakage monitoring system.

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