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Marine power supplies


Powerbox has focused on developing switching power supplies for the marine market for more than 40 years. The requirements imposed on products responsible for shipping and offshore installations are heavier than the average for industrial and office environment. In addition, that standardization in the requirements is complex, requiring in depth knowledge of the application and where it will be operated. Our power solutions for marine are designed to comply and to guarantee sustainable power to any of your applications.

Powerbox delivers a complete range of marine power supplies which are type approved for use in all spaces in ships and offshore installations. This means that the user no longer needs different types for different applications, but can cover all needs with those standard power supplies. Also in the marine industry, there is a need for more and more functionality in a smaller space. Ship owners nowadays want to equip their vessels with broadband internet connections for both passengers and crew with as much as possible the same features than when ashore.

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marine power supplies

Marine Applications

PRBX Marine

Our extensive experience in powering marine applications covers many different areas. Here are just a few examples:
→ Port and dock
→ Under water structures
→ Bridge equipment
→ LCD panels
→ Monitoring
→ Engine control
→ Navigation system

Quality assurance and follow-up

Quality is an integrated part of everything we do. Our design process includes extensive testing, internal as well as external. Tests are also frequently run by our customers in their respective applications. In addition to the information we gain by tracking repairs and service requests, we also do regular quality follow up together with our customers, all to ensure a long and trouble-free life for our products. Powerbox is also certified by DNV according to ISO 9001:2015.

International standards
The standards that we work to in the automotive industrial sector are ISO7637 and EN12895. However, with 40 years of designing industrial power supplies and systems under our belt, we are experienced in meeting the requirements of a myriad of standards for different types of applications or in different parts of the world.

Caring for the environment

At Powerbox we take an active role in protecting our
environment. Our contribution includes:
→ Streamlined solutions and lean design using fewer components reduces material used. RoHS, WEEE and REACH are among the standards governing choice of materials.
→ High efficiency reduces energy consumption both directly by reducing losses and indirectly by reducing the need for cooling.
Energy efficient transportation and well developed use of online meetings are important elements in our determination to meet or exceed international standards by sustaining ISO-14001 compliance or the equivalent.
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We lean confidently on over 40 years of experience and subject matter expertise to identify the best means of solving every particular power conversion challenge. Please contact a power conversion specialist with your need today.

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DC/DC Quick Solution Guide


Download our finder tool which will help simplify your task to find a suitable DC/DC conversion solution for your application.
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