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COSEL shortlisted in prestigious Elektra awards

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COSEL Co, Ltd (6905: Tokyo) today announced two products shortlisted at the prestigious Elektra Awards.

After a year of massive disruption across the world, the Elektra Awards 2020 are now going ahead as a free virtual event on March 25, 2021. Despite the challenges of the global pandemic, electronics companies worldwide have been busy creating game-changing technologies that are helping to shape the future of the industry. These incredible achievements deserve be recognized, especially in the light of unprecedented situation we are all living through.

The finalists for the 2020 Awards have now been announced and we are very pleased to announce that COSEL has not one, but two products shortlisted in the competitive Power System Product of the Year award!

The first of COSEL’s Elektra Awards shortlisted products is for use in demanding medical applications. COSEL’s AME series configurable power supplies are able to host independent output modules that can be combined and mixed to offer a unique configuration as required by the application. Accordingly, once configured and installed the power supply is a ‘no compromise’, fit for purpose solution that is an essential ingredient of any medical application. Four configurable ratings are available covering applications from 400W to 1200W.

To perfectly optimize configuration to customers’ requirements, three versions of output modules are offered, 120W, 240W single, and 150W dual. Further, both single modules are available in eight single output voltages, +3.3V, +5V, +7.5V, +12V, +15V, +24V, +36V and +48V, and dual-module is available in output voltages +24V/+24V. All modules include over-voltage and over-current protection with automatic recovery.

Designed to power demanding applications where space can often be limited, the AME series is housed in a low profile case. As standard, power output connectors are screw terminals, though certain applications may require isolated terminations or quick connect types. For these, a Molex connector is provided instead of the terminal block.

The second shortlisted COSEL product is the TUNS1200 compact AC/DC power module. By utilizing a high efficiency topology, the module delivers 21% more power in an amazing 36% smaller footprint than existing AC/DC modules. Designed using the very latest technology and packaged in a sealed plastic case with an aluminum baseplate, the TUNS1200 delivers its full power up to +85 degrees centigrade baseplate temperature, and is able to operate safely at up to +100 degrees centigrade with a derating.

Designed for demanding worldwide applications, TUNS1200 power supplies have an input voltage range of 85VAC to 305VAC single phase, and conform to the safety standards input voltage range of 100-277 VAC (50/60Hz).

To cover a wide range of applications, the TUNS1200 series embraces three output voltages versions: TUNS1200F12 (12V / 84A), TUNS1200F28 (28V / 43A) and the TUNS1200F48 (48V / 25A). Output voltage can be adjusted +/- 20% (-20% /+10% for the 48V) using the trimming pin, though the TUNS1200 series include an active Voltage Trimming input (VTRM) making it possible to adjust the output voltage down to zero by applying an external voltage source. The TUNS1200 has an excellent power efficiency of 92% typical and a power factor of 0.98 at 100V.

For applications such as battery chargers requiring constant current (CC), the TUNS1200 includes a dedicated pin (ITRM) and by applying a DC voltage or connecting a resistor to the –S terminal it is possible to set the constant current from just above zero to the desired current.

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About the Elektra Awards
The Elektra European Electronics Industry Awards are the high point of the year for the European electronics industry. Established as the best promotional platform to celebrate the achievements of individuals and companies across Europe, they present best practice in key areas including, innovation, sales growth and employee motivation. Our industry will get together to showcase the finest new products, technology innovation and company performances of the year. An independent panel of judges will assess the quality of all entries and the winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony that will take place as a free virtual event on March 25, 2021.

About COSEL:
Established in Japan 1969, COSEL is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high performance AC-DC Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters and EMI Filters. With quality, reliability & flexibility as our main focus, we pride ourselves on developing some of the highest quality and most reliable products seen anywhere in the world today. The Cosel Group is a $228 million global company employing some 790 staff with sales offices throughout Japan, Asia, Europe and North America. Our product range is aimed mostly at demanding applications within the Industrial, Factory Automation, Medical, Telecoms, Lighting, Audio/Broadcast & Renewable Energy sectors. A flexible approach with full in-house design means we deliver products using the very latest technology meeting the growing demands of our customers.

Note to the Editors:
The Cosel Group includes the European power specialist Powerbox International AB, which has been acquired June 25, 2018 by COSEL.

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