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PRBX presents on the latest trends within the power industry – how Smart Power will become a reality

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Powerbox, one of Europe’s largest power supply companies, and for more than four decades a leading force in optimizing power solutions for demanding applications, has presented on the latest trends within the power industry and how they will contribute to the so called Smart Industry. The original presentation “Making Smart Power a Reality” took place at the PowerUP Expo in June, followed by an article published in the December edition of the Power Electronics News eBook.

Powerbox (PRBX) and its parent company COSEL are developing power solutions for demanding industries and in both the industrial and medical segments we see a strong demand from systems designers for a new generation of power supplies with lots of built-in functionalities, requests for higher flexibility levels in configuration, and more communication interfaces” said Patrick Le Fèvre, PRBX Chief Marketing and Communication officer.” The industrial and medical segments are influenced, at one point or another, by the Internet of Things (IoT), and for connected devices from a few watts to multi-kilowatts, communication is becoming very important. We are used to CAN Bus, UART or PMBus but in the smart industry, power supplies will become an active part of the machine-to-machine (M2M) architecture embedding radio communication and using much faster Bus communication that what is currently in practice.

Smart factory automation is already well established in many industries, but with the progress in Artificial Intelligence (AI), remote communication and the growing demand for shorter customer lead times, it is predicted to explode in the coming years. Similarly, the growth of automated parcel-hubs is expected to rise spectacularly. The rapid development of e-commerce has contributed to the creation of highly automated hubs with conveyers, sorting switches and many other equipments requiring efficient and intelligent power solutions able to work in demanding environments.

Adding an M2M dimension to a power supply will not only require the most advanced power solution but a full understanding of a new ecosystem. This is a really exciting time for power designers, not just to think out of the box, but to add more to the box, which is what we have done within the Cosel Group since its inception.

Watch the replay of the PowerUP Expo seminar

About Powerbox
Founded in 1974, with headquarters in Sweden and operations in 15 countries across four continents, Powerbox serves customers all around the globe. The company focuses on four major markets – industrial, medical, transportation/railway and defense – for which it designs and markets premium quality power conversion systems for demanding applications. Powerbox’s mission is to use its expertise to increase customers’ competitiveness by meeting all of their power needs. Every aspect of the company’s business is focused on that goal, from the design of advanced components that go into products, through to high levels of customer service. Powerbox is recognized for technical innovations that reduce energy consumption and its ability to manage full product lifecycles while minimizing environmental impact. Powerbox is a Cosel Group Company.

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